November 11, 2013

  • The scary times

    I feel pretty blessed that this has been a relatively easy pregnancy. No morning sickness, very little discomfort. Last week was not an easy week. I was pretty proud of the throwing up, but the doc wasn’t impressed or pleased. LOL. Why not?

    Friday morning, I met with him and told him about my epic adventure. He at first wanted me to do the same test again and I firmly said no, there has to be another test that will make us all feel comfortable about my glucose tolerance. He’s referring me to his dietitian. I was fasting at this point because I was sure he was going to make me do some other kind of test right away. After this appointment, I decided I better keep my ultrasound appt and check on the baby to make sure it wasn’t already getting too big due to me possibly being gestational diabetic. I was mid-way through the ultrasound, still fasting, and all of a sudden things started getting hot and fuzzy. I was no longer able to focus and I felt myself getting dizzy. I was able to tell the tech that before passing out. I woke up to a room full of people. The ultrasound doc, the front desk staff (all of them) and the tech. They were handing me a fruit bar and water. I quickly ate the bar and felt immediately better. There was a bp cuff on my arm and they were pricking my finger for my sugar level. BP was 80/50 or lower and my sugar came in at 115. I know my sugar bottomed out, but it hit me so fast it scared everyone. I apologized over and over for scaring everyone and the doc came to talk to me about the ultrasound. He didn’t think my sugar would’ve come up that fast, but I really think it did. He wouldn’t let me drive or go to work so I had to call in for the rest of the day. Husband came to pick me up and I took it easy the rest of the day.

    Saturday morning, I had breakfast. Around noon I was set to meet up with some girlfriends. While driving, I felt my sugar dip again. I was able to pull into a walgreens and get some OJ/snacks, but that scared me too. I meet with the dietitian tomorrow and the meeting can’t come soon enough. I need to know what the eff is going on, please! I’m all packed up today with snacks, juices, food in general. I don’t want any more dips, please. It’s never happened at work, but that doesn’t mean I want it to.

November 7, 2013

  • The story of my day

    I can’t write stories like this, guys. Yesterday, I called the testing center because I needed to have my longer glucose tolerance test done. I wasn’t looking forward to it, but I didn’t want to be surprised by the cost either. The lady that answered the phone was less than helpful. I’d say she was borderline defiant. She wouldn’t even give me the standard cost they charge the insurance company. Kept telling me that she wouldn’t know the cost until I arrived today to take the test. I was annoyed and mad because I’m the patient, the reason she even has a job answering the phone to help me. I wasn’t asking for something outside of her scope, but *sigh*. She ended up saying something like I needed to call someone else, ok sweetheart and hung up. I ended up calling Quest corporate and was able to get the answer I needed, but it sucked that I had to deal with that on top of an already busy day of waiting for the call regarding my interview for the promotion. I finally got that call after 2pm, because this recruiter sucks. Her name is Tequila. She called me at 2 to schedule an interview for today at 4pm. I was definitely rattled/worried because I knew I’d be foggy after this glucose test.

    I got to the testing center, dressed for success and ready to tango if I came across that lady I spoke with yesterday. The lady that helped me kept calling me honey so I was a bit skeptical that it might have been her. She took my blood gave me the drink. It’s 100 grams of liquid sugar. The first test I took was 50g. This seemed worse. I was gagging drinking it. They give you four minutes to drink it. Between the weight loss surgery, being nearly 8 months pregnant, I was less than thrilled of how this was going to turn out. I went back to the waiting room and waited for my next blood draw. 30 minutes later and I was turning green. No trashcans in the waiting room for some reason. I couldn’t even say that I needed help, it all came back up. Another lady in the waiting room starting screaming, this lady is sick! lol. I was embarrassed, but immediate relief from the sugar dose. The girl that was helping me came back out. I apologized but couldn’t say much else, I knew I had more. She tried to escort me to a restroom. First one was occupied. We get to the 2nd, the door is unlocked and inside is another worker doing number 2. If I wasn’t still nauseous, I was even more so. Luckily there was a nearby trashcan outside of the restroom and I released the rest. The worker that escorted me is yelling at the other worker. I’m going to need you to lock the door when you use the restroom! Apparently this has happened before. Comical.

    So I think the baby got even for me this morning. There are other ways to get even, but I did feel relieved after failing that test with flair! Doctor visit tomorrow and I’m going to beg for no more testing. I don’t think I can do it again.

October 3, 2013

  • Taking it day by day

    It’s starting to get overwhelming. After tomorrow, I’ll only have 13 weeks left. 13! Can you freaking believe it? Time has flown by. I had a brief health screening at work and it looks like my health is even better than pre-pregnancy. Total Cholesterol was below 200, BP was 99/70, and Non-fasting glucose was 58. Like a BAWSE, I’m one Pregnant VIXEN!

    Next doc visit will be the dreaded glucose diabetes test, but after getting such fantastic results on this brief health screening, I’m not too worried. I do need to snack more. Sugar that low is not normal and I need to be better about snacking.

    Overall, I’ve only gained about 12 lbs the entire pregnancy and doc assures me I’m right on track. So many wonderful things.

    Aside from all the glory I still have sis in law issues. I don’t know if I wrote about it, but it just surprises me sometimes. Yesterday, she called my mom to complain about me not texting her back? Am I suddenly 5 years old? Does not compute. It’s on my list of things to do today, but so not what I want to be doing with my brief break from work. I just feel like if someone has an issue or concern with me, I deserve the opportunity to deal with it myself. Put on your big girl panties and deal. Or don’t. But calling my mom? Bugging my brother? I don’t think so, ma’am. I’m a lady.

    I love my brother and I’ll do whatever I can to make him happy but he does not need to be involved in whatever is going on with us. I had lunch with him last week at his request and he told me that she had told him she had a concern about our relationship…. hmm her calling my mama is not going to make it better. I’m going to do my best to be soft and sweet, but bless your heart might be escaping my lips.


September 11, 2013

  • Picture Time




    Good morning, ladies/gents.

    It’s a boy! continues. Mom is on a mission to get me prepped/ready to shower. She tasked me with 8 million things to do. First order of business was pics of me/Jefferson wearing blue. I love these pics. I’m barely showing, but it’ll do. I’m all registered and Cowboy is really in nursery planning mood now. John Deere everywhere! I know who I married. LOL. I’m aiming for a more subtle approach. I’m not a Green Bay fan, so a room full of green/yeller is not my ideal. I’ve seen more subtle approaches to this theme and I’m hoping I can negotiate down. Next on my list is measuring the crib for a mattress, and getting these pics printed. My mom received an invite to a shower not too long ago and we had no idea who it was for. It was for my cousin’s wife, but she didn’t take his name and expected us to remember her. That’s why my mom wants pics in the invite. She’s too cute.

    Lately the overwhelming feeling of just being tired has consumed me. I’m not able to do my normal wifely duties. Over the weekend, I did not feel like doing laundry, and poor Jefferson had to wear shorty shorts to work yesterday. I felt horrible. I tried to do laundry as soon as I got home, but fell asleep before I could hang up everything. When husband came to bed, I woke up and went to check and he’d already hung them up. I was sad. I wanted to do it for him. I appreciated that he did it but I still felt horrible that I was too tired to do it.

September 4, 2013

  • MIL Woes

    This blog has always been my sacred place. I really hate to abandon ship. I’ve always loved the community and the fellow bloggers I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. I’ll try to stick around as long as I can.

    Recently, MIL showed her ass again. Husband asked her for a list of family/addresses for the baby shower. Her response? Why? For a baby I’m never going to see?

    WTH? Where did that come from? It hurt husband and my mama bear claws wanted to come out. I refrained and remained supportive of who I married. He told her something that really made me proud. He told her, “Sometimes it feels like you try your best to pull us [me/Lorie] apart.” I was proud wifey at that point.

    I’ve never wanted to feel like I come between them. Especially now. I’m pregnant. It’s supposed to be a happy time. I’m already dealing with my overwhelming competitive issues in that sis-in-law is pregnant too. That’s a whole nother story. Briefly:she’s having a baby reveal party 9/17. Invited my family, including my husband, but not me. Because she’s awesome.

    Back to MIL. There are days I just don’t want to deal. It’s difficult dealing with someone when it feels like a constant uphill battle. Even though I feel like I’ve done nothing to show her I don’t like her, she constantly pulls that out of her ass and tells my husband that, my mom, etc. It gets her nowhere. Especially with my mom. My mom will tell her, “I don’t know why you feel that way.”

    During the whole discussion on Sunday, I was at a loss. I didn’t want to get involved, but I couldn’t help but think, something else is a brewing here. Something else is bugging her. She’s using this, but something else is really bothering her. I had him ask her but she just went on this long tirade about how he doesn’t spend time with her or his brother. As if we’re off doing these extravagant things. We’re enjoying quiet time at home. No fighting. Just happy pregnant couple things.

    With her negativity running rampant, I don’t blame husband for not spending time with her. I never tell him he can’t. It’s his decision. The fact that he wants to spend time with my family fills my heart with joy. Recently, she invited us to dinner. She did so at 4pm. She was already at the restaurant and I don’t get off work until 4. It was an afterthought, but I went anyway. I knew she probably wanted to see me, and I showed up without my husband, like a BAWSE. He arrived later, but we had a nice chat, despite the fact that she was done eating by the time I arrived. I was irked by the late, last minute invite, but I showed up. And I don’t like her? AWESOME.

    I’m hoping she cools off, gets over herself and gives my mom the info she requested. I’m 5 months pregnant. And it’s a boy. And I’m over the moon. Love you, guys!

July 11, 2013

  • Tricks are for kids

    So your friend is a ho…. LOL! Or at least she got a bit too eager at the Doctor’s office yesterday. I’ll get to that in a bit. The new doc is AWESOME! He’s soothing/calm/relaxed and adorable. And he’s close to home. And he didn’t have 5 million pieces of paper for me to fill out. Saving trees for the win! Happy mommy.

    So at the office, he asked if I was having any issues. I should have brought up the itchy boobs, but all I brought up were my episodes of crazy. I think I just needed more reassurance that this will hopefully die down and that it’s perfectly normal to be batshit crazy at times. LOL! He reassured me that it was in his super soothing calm voice. Mom was quick to point out that I’ve always been a bit high strung and quick to anger…. hmm wonder where I get that from? I’ve never taken a bat to a car, or a person, but I’m sure the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. LOL! Thanks, mom! When the doc left, I was like really mom? LOL! She goes well you’ve never been laid back like your brother. This is super true. I love to be on time, and I do need a strong alpha to manage my sassy ass. My brother is too relaxed for my liking. I can’t even tell you how many times he got left when I was driving in high school. I had to be early for band rehearsals or study time. I didn’t have time to babysit him. When I went away to college, he was still late to school. When I came home to visit, my mom’s voice was shrill and she’d aged ten years because she was the one having to wake him up everyday… LOL! Telling my Dad about my mom’s comment last night was hysterical… fun times!

    New doc did an ultrasound and he was quick to get me to lay down and I was like Wait! I still have my panties on! He raised an eyebrow and said, um, we’ll be doing an abdominal ultrasound… LOL x a million! The nurse was gorgeous even though she had a million tattoos. Hand tattoos?

    During the ultrasound, baby was measured putting me at the 13 week 1 day mark. The apps have me further along, and he’s not changing my due date of 1/10/14. Baby was so much more developed and he waved. Too cute. At one point he kind of flipped his lower body up, and my mom was quick to point out that she saw the pee-pee! LOL! Doc said not to hold him to it but that chances were high it’s a boy! I’m over the moon with that possibility. I still didn’t hear the heartbeat, but the doc assured me it was there, 160bpm. I should be able to hear it at the next appointment at the end of this month.

    Picture time!


    The beautiful baby


    You guys asked for belly pics. I don’t feel like I’m showing just yet, but my rack is a rocking!


    Hooker heels for the win!


    This dress is awesomesauce



    I don’t have a pic in the dress I wore yesterday… but I wore a belt with it, which really made the rack rock. I got a bubble tea on the way home, and the guy goes, Nice top…. lol… I wanted to say, bet you do think it’s nice… lol, but I did tell him it was a  dress…. LOL! Boobies boobies boobies! :)

July 3, 2013

  • Pregnancy Updates

    I’m now 12 weeks. Whee! The craziness has died down, thankfully. I’m now able to be a big sister to my brother and sister-in-law. There have been some things that happened that bothered me. I addressed them with my brother, mostly because I was tired of hearing it from the parents. It’s nice that they vent to me, but lately it  was more of an unloading. I also told my brother that I salute her. I couldn’t be pregnant, married and living with my in-laws. I just could not do that. She’s only 3 weeks behind me, so her craziness is still large and in charge.

    My birthday was ok. Husband had to make up for my mom not calling me. She gets a pass this year, but I was definitely a lil emo about it over the weekend. She made up for it by making me some fantabulous greasy crispy tacos last night. Sooo yum! My mouth was dripping with deliciousness. I love family dinners. It was just what I needed.

    In other baby news, I finally made an appt with the new doc. It’s the same doc as sister-in-law and MUCH closer to home. I say finally because it took me nearly two weeks. They wanted my full medical record. I got that sent over, and then the doc had to review and then the office had to show me their true awesomeness by NOT calling me to schedule. I called back on Monday with my bitchy pants on. When the girl mentioned the wrong doctor’s name, I almost lost it. They finally found my record with a note to call me to schedule…. AWESOME! So, the good news I’m scheduled, and if nothing else, hopefully they’ll be better about following up vs. waiting for crazy people to call them/schedule.

    No bosses today so no idea what that means. I’m sure it will involve more shopping/planning for the weekend. Whee!

June 26, 2013

  • Classic Pics of Lita


    The picture with the birthday cake is my Mom. Love the product placement!












  • For Lita

    My Lita went to be with my Lito Saturday morning. It felt like the longest day ever, and definitely dramatic, but it was spent with family, and I wanted to be there for my mama.


    (Lita was a stunner)

    When I think of my Lita, I am filled with her warm words, her gentle smile and her constant words of wisdom. I remember asking her after my Lito passed, if she would ever marry again. She told me in her time you never discussed that. You married one time and that was it. It was in that moment I knew how much she loved my grandfather. One of my favorite memories was taking her to see a play downtown about Cantinflas. She used to watch these old movies with my Lito and I loved hearing her laugh and remember. It was a very special night and I was proud to share it with her. She constantly reminded me to be a lady. A lady didn’t laugh loud, didn’t say anything mean and she always took care of her family. One of my favorite pieces of advice that I’m still learning is, es mejor que solo hay un loco que dos. I like to tell my husband that position has been filled but I know now that even though it’s better, it’s best for no crazy person to be present. I’m most proud of the relationship she had with her children. She was overwhelmingly patient, kind and was always on your side. It was an unconditional love that was shared equally among all of us. She never asked for much but when she called you answered. It’s a tradition I know my cousins and I will carry on with our parents. Another tradition we shared was how we ate as a family. The children were always served first, then our husbands and then us. Our families were who we put first. Outsiders always find it weird but for us, it’s always felt right. I will miss her voice, her quiet smile but I will always feel her love and remember her words.

June 19, 2013

  • Yep, Still CRAZY!

    Girls, I lost my ladiness over the weekend. My Lita is definitely close to passing. When I’d visit in the hospital, to be there for my Mom/family, I was fine. I’d wait until I got in the car or home to bawl my eyes out. Over the weekend, my Mom asked me to bring her some clothes and some lunch. I was quick to get on the ball, and since husband hadn’t visited yet, I really wanted him to go as well. He was already out running an errand, and of course called to tell me he was done as I was heading to my mom’s house. I let him know what was going on and he agreed to meet me at my mom’s house. Since he was right down the street, I didn’t expect him to be too far behind me. I was packing clothes like a mad woman at my mom’s house. I couldn’t find her chones (panties), so I was getting close to panic then. I could only find my mom’s skimpy Victoria’s Secret panties (with the tags on) so that was what I packed (LOL!). I had been there close to half an hour and was starting to come unglued as to why he wasn’t there yet. I left and headed to my aunt’s house to get clothes for her, but none of her kids were home. Boo again! Husband called me when I was nearly to my aunt’s house, irked that I’d “left him.” I knew my mom hadn’t eaten so I was trying to get to her quickly. Husband and I definitely have different paces at which we get things done. I’m quick, fast, and in a hurry and he can take his time without a care in the world. In his defense, he’s more thorough, but I always try to get more done quicker. After the bust at my aunt’s house I booked it towards the hospital. I saw Jason’s Deli and thought that sounded delicious for my Mom/Aunt. I love their HUGE sandwiches and soups, so that was what I got. I fed 5 people with 2 sandwiches and 2 bowls of soup. LOL! My order didn’t take too long but the girl that was in charge of packing it moved slower than I don’t even know what. In her defense, the food was still steaming hot by the time it got to my mom’s mouth, but I was irked with her pace as well.

    I finally made it to the hospital and I was still irked. Irked that I was carrying everything. Pregnant lady needing some assistance! I was nearly to the door of the hospital and my husband was moseying on out and I lost it. “Are you going to help me?!” And yes, I was probably speaking loudly. He told me he was on his way, but it was as if the entire weight of the world was on my shoulders and I couldn’t hold it. Jefferson threatened to leave because of my behavior (which was probably more than embarassing at this point). I was having a major meltdown. I was mad at the world. I miss my Lita’s voice more than anything and even though her passing hasn’t been “sudden,” it’s definitely hitting me hard. I was inconsolable. We got on the elevator and he was still commenting that he couldn’t believe how rude I was acting and I still couldn’t stop myself. I finally told him I needed a hug. As soon as he wrapped his arms around me my tears just leaked out of my eyes. Don’t go chasing, waterfalls!

    I calmed myself down even though I was Farrah ugly crying. We walked towards my Lita’s room and as soon as my mom saw me, she knew I was upset. She hugged me and I sobbed more. We went to the family room and she asked me what the hell was wrong. I told her I was just unable to deal. She looked at me and told me that all my crying/being upset wasn’t good for the baby. I need to be happy every day I’m pregnant, which for the most part, I am. Truly, over the moon, jumbo cheese happy. But with everything going on with my Lita, I was just ill prepared. We talked/ate. I felt better. My mom rocks. I apologized to my husband for my ridiculousness, but I could not control myself. It was as if someone else was being crazy and I couldn’t stop them.

    We stayed for a long time, well until my sister-in-law arrived. There’s only so much I can deal with when it comes to her/her pregnancy. Husband and I rode separately, and he stopped somewhere on the way home to get bathroom cleaning supplies and I started laundry. As a penance, punishment to myself for my behavior, I folded his 80 million pairs of socks. The man has I have no idea how many different brands/styles of socks. It’s ridiculous. I started laundry and tried to forgive myself for my behavior. He came home, and he had brought me my favorite Coconut Vitainwater and sunflower seeds. I have no idea how I have such an awesome husband.

    Fathers Day, he scrubbed our shower since I don’t think I’m supposed to be douching that area of our home. He even made me breakfast. It was a great weekend despite my meltdown. Please, baby Jesus, no more of that.